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From Vizzini with Love...

Giovanna and Giuseppe Arena came to America from Vizzini, Italy while in their mid 30’s, moving to the Bronx, New York. Their story could be chronicled in a simple way; it was all about their love and dedication to the family and their undying passion for food, cooking and abundant sharing of each meal with as many family and friends as a table could fit!

Amici's Restaurant - Italian Family

Benedetta and Vito grew up surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and extended family. Everyone possessed a good ‘sense of food’ which ultimately became Vito’s personal style in each restaurant throughout his career.

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Arena Bakery, in the Arthur Avenue neighborhood of the Bronx, was the hub and heart of the Arena family employing anyone into the business who wanted to work, especially when they came to America. From pizzas to famous breads, the crusty Italian loaves that are served at Amici Restaurant today are as close as can be replicated to Giuseppe’s old-world recipe.



The real legacy of true home cooking came from Giovanna. Her marinara sauce, lasagna, fresh tomato sauce, veal spezzatino, stuffed artichoke...and her simple but perfect way of combining ingredients has become legendary. She had the ability to translate her home cooking into all of Vito’s restaurants, rolling up her sleeves throughout her life bringing true dedication of family and food... right to the table!

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Amici’s young chef Vinnie DeLillo recalls his early years cooking alongside Giovanna with deep respect and love. “Mamma’s taste in authentic Italian food became my passion.” Not a novice himself, he began cooking when he was 16 and as a student, walked away with regional, state and national culinary awards.

“The importance of caring for each other began with my Mother and Father and that is what keeps the ‘family’ of Amici Restaurant continuing in their tradition.” recalls Benedetta!